Co-branding on Fotki

Only Premium account users can create co-branded pages. Fotki Co-Branding is a terrific way to personalize and enhance your photo albums:

  • You get your own domain name (it's a simple URL like
  • You can use your Fotki account as your primary business Website with a color scheme of your own choosing and without Fotki logo, header and footer.
  • No "mastery" of computer nor knowledge of computer design are necessary – you can select the right look and feel from beautiful pre-made themes that we offer.
  • Of course, if you are a computer guru, you can create your completely unique look and feel, add your own CSS sheets, and customize any elements at all.
  • If you have your own personal or business Website, you can also seamlessly integrate your Fotki image gallery into your site, as seen in some examples below.

Co-branding examples

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